A relatively accident-free Monaco Grand Prix featured just two incidents of note, both at Massenet and involving two of Formula One's newer members.

Tonio Liuzzi and Adrian Sutil both crashed out in similar fashion after cresting the hill from Ste Devote and, while neither was entirely blame-free, both had reason to believe that their task had been made harder by mechanical defects.

Liuzzi hit the wall on the outside of Massenet as early as lap two, but claimed that a first corner skirmish had damaged his Toro Rosso entry. Initially blaming diffuser damage, the Italian was later corrected when it was found that his right rear tyre had been cut by contact from David Coulthard's Red Bull-Renault.

"I was hit hard at the first corner after the start and I think it must have damaged something, because the car was not right after that," Liuzzi reported, before the real cause had been explained to him, "I tried to do one more lap and then, as I came over the bump at corner three [Massenet], I lost control. It was a real shame because I had a reasonably good starting position and was optimistic that I could do something good this afternoon."

Sutil's Spyker joined the damaged Toro Rosso on lap 54, bringing to an end a hitherto positive Monaco debut for the German, who had topped the wet Saturday morning practice session.

Sutil had made a good start, getting the better of Anthony Davidson and Ralf Schumacher and staying with the group in front until his first pit-stop. Any hope of resuming his pursuit ended when he nudged the barrier at the top of the hill, pushing his right rear tyre off the rim and preventing the otherwise lightly damaged car from making it back to the pit.

"In general, it was a good race - until I crashed," Sutil sighed, "I managed to do the first corner quite well and, over the first 44 laps, we had very good performance. The tyres were consistent and I just went quicker and quicker as the track improved. My lap times were pretty fast as well and we were racing some cars.

"It wasn't a lonely race as I always had somebody behind me and had to push. I enjoyed the race, so I'm disappointed I made a mistake. The brakes had become worse and worse, and it was hard to find the find the right braking performance as they were unpredictable. I just went a little bit to the outside of the corner and there was so much rubber and dirt that I hit the barrier and the tyre came off the rim. There wasn't a lot of damage, it was just the tyres, but I couldn't continue, which is sad for everyone."



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