Lewis Hamilton has admitted to pushing the limits in his pursuit of a first Formula One victory at the Monaco Grand Prix, potentially coming close to ending his 100 per cent podium record in the process.

Although using the kerbs and getting close to the walls is commonplace in the Principality, the Briton admitted to actually kissing the barriers on more than one occasion as he chased McLaren team-mate - and eventual winner - Fernando Alonso for 78 laps.

"I hit the barrier plenty of times in the race, and I was fortunate that we've got a solid car," he smiled, "The team has done a good job as usual, and it's strong enough to take the hit."

Traffic was also a concern for the rookie, as the gap between himself and the leader ebbed and flowed as they passed slower cars.

"I think traffic was quite poor," he said, "It's always poor in Monaco just because it's so tight, but Fernando would get past someone and then I'd have to wait quite a while or shout on the radio to get them to put the blue flag out. It was always tricky. I would gain and then I would lose, so that made it extremely difficult. I had to try and be as aggressive as possible but safe at the same time. I needed to come out of this race with as many points as possible."

Despite adding another eight points to his tally, and retaining a share of the championship lead with his team-mate, Hamilton cut a somewhat less than enthusiastic figure as he climbed from his car to receive a fourth successive runners-up trophy.

"I knew that we were both extremely quick but, when you're behind someone, you can't follow them that closely, so I knew there would be no way to get so close to [Alonso] and overtake him," he said, "The only way was to apply pressure, but he's a two-time world champion, so he doesn't really make mistakes. He did a great job. All weekend, both of us have had great pace and it was tough. I tried to get as close as possible and tried to get ahead but... next time, I guess."



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