Renault F1 star Giancarlo Fisichella has announced that, together with Enrico Zanarini and his management team, he will launch an educational programme designed for those wanting to be involved in motorsport.

The Fisichella Motor Sport Academy - which the Italian's publicity claims to the first in the world totally dedicated to motorsport - will be the prominent part of a new and advanced project, the Fisichella Motor Sport Technopole, to be based inside the Vallelunga circuit near Rome, which will contain more than just the college.

Through a series of courses, with lectures by the Academy staff and by some of the biggest names of the sport, the FMS Academy will teach its students how to become a professional in many motor racing fields. The lessons will help students to become expert mechanics or telemetrists, race engineers or aerodynamicists, technical directors or team managers. A specialised series of courses will also be aimed at people with an ambition to work closely with drivers, such as managers or personal trainers and everyone else who works behind the scenes, such as commercial executives, new business officers, public relations officers and catering managers.

At the end of the courses, all students will receive a diploma of merit and lists will be available to all teams and structures who seek new staff for their new or current motor racing ventures.

The Fisichella Motor Sport Technopole itself attempts to take the lead in several areas, boasting an innovative structure which will use solar panels and advanced technology to make the building completely bio-compatible. FMST also includes FMShape, a new personal training centre open to the academy's students, drivers and the general public, FMStory, a permanent museum with race cars and images of Fisichella's career, FMShopping, a shopping arcade with sports shops and a bio-restaurant and FMSport, the headquarters of Fisichella Motor Sport's current and future motor racing teams.



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