Felipe Massa is looking forward to the Canadian Grand Prix this coming weekend and the Brazilian believes that the Ferrari F2007 will be a 'very strong package'.

The Scuderia may have struggled last time out in Monaco, in comparison to the pace setting McLarens of Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, but Felipe reckons that they will be in much better shape this weekend - and next at the Brickyard.

"I think the F2007 will run as a very strong package in Canada and actually, also in Indy, where Ferrari has also had good results," he noted. "One difficulty in the Montreal circuit is that it is not used much so its grip level changes dramatically throughout the weekend, so you have to be careful not to chase the set up too much.

"It is also useful to have a car that is comfortable riding the kerbs as you have to use them here to get quick laps. It is a circuit where a good package can deliver a very good result."

Asked about the event at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in more detail, Massa added that it is a place where you just can't afford to make a mistake: "My record at the Montreal circuit is not so bad: I had a fourth place with Sauber which is not such a bad result and last year, I was fifth. Because of the location of the circuit, you could say it is something of a city track, but it's nothing like Monaco!

"If you look at the speed we are doing it is much higher and although they are quite near, the guard rails are not right on the edge. What it does have in common with the last race, is that it is a circuit where you cannot afford to make mistakes as you can crash quite easily.

"As it is a medium downforce track, it is important to have an efficient car here, which offers good mechanical grip as well as good aerodynamics. In other words you need a bit of a compromise and that can either work out very well or not be so good."



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