Williams are on course to achieve what they want to do this season in Formula 1, that's the verdict of the Grove-based outfit's technical director, Sam Michael.

Thus far this season Williams have managed to notched up seven points in the constructors' championship and they have scored points in both of the last two races, thanks to Nico Rosberg's sixth place finish in Spain and Alex Wurz's seventh place in Monaco.

"It has been a good start, compared to where we came from last year," Sam told Bridgestone's latest Racing All Over The World Formula 1 podcast. "The main target this year was to be respectable in terms of our performance and also to make sure we sort out our reliability issues. We have come a long way towards doing that. We have still got a lot of work to do to get to the front. But we are on target to do that."

Asked how they will develop the Williams-Toyota FW29 during the season, he said that the development phases have already been considered: "We basically have five or six steps during the year of aero and mechanical developments and we go through each of those," he explained. "They are all planned out before the year starts, so that production can plan its resources and we can make sure that wind tunnel and design office work load is controlled accordingly."

As for how testing has changed now that there are no longer two tyre suppliers, he noted that it has had a big impact on the work they do: "I think a lot of the testing has changed significantly. You can now spend quite a lot of time on set-up and optimising things that really during the last five years we haven't spent a lot of time doing during the tyre war.

"It has moved towards the teams again, which I think is a good thing for Formula 1. It is what Formula 1 needs at the moment. Life goes through many stages, but while it might be that a tyre war is good for Formula 1 in the future, right now it is good not to have one."

Sam has also been pleased with the performance of their drivers': "Both race drivers are doing a good job. Nico in particular has excelled. He has taken a good step over the Christmas break.

"Alex has obviously been unlucky in a few of the races he has had but I am quite sure he will be up there soon."

Pressed on the teams targets for the season and if they have been revised since the start of the year, he added they will always push regardless of how they have done in previous events.

"We want to get in front of the pack - and try and close the gap to the front runners. In Formula 1 you push as hard as you can. You start off and you want to win but you also have to be realistic about where you are every year," he replied.

"It doesn't really change what you do everyday. It is much more important to have targets for your actual technical capability on the car, such as downforce and weight and things like that, because those are the things you can control directly."

But can the team recover the glory days of the 1990s?

"The target is to get back to the front as soon as we can and that is what we are in the middle of trying to do," he summed-up.

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