David Coulthard's hopes of joining Red Bull Racing team-mate Mark Webber in the top ten of the Canadian Grand Prix grid faltered right at the start of the knock-out session in Montreal.

The Scot was the first man out on track, but was clearly not happy with the handling of his RB3, twice going off course before having the chance to complete a flying lap. Struggling to break out of the dreaded drop zone, DC was left to rely on the frantic efforts of his mechanics, who were rewarded with a little extra time when Heikki Kovalainen brought out the red flags.

Coulthard got back on track with a little time to spare, twice hauling himself out of the bottom six to make it into Q2. Once there, however, he continued to have problems, which he later revealed to be with the brakes rather than the set-up of the car, and had to make do with 14th position.

"It's been a pretty ugly weekend so far," he sighed, "I went over the kerb at the end of this morning's session and the boys had to change some things on the car before qualifying. The race brakes we'd bedded on Friday were put back on, but we had a problem with them glazing.

"When you have that, you basically don't have any temperature in one of the brakes and the car feels as though it's crabbing sideways when you brake. The guys were able to de-glaze the disc to improve the situation, but braking remained inconsistent for the remainder of the session. Sometimes, I'd brake early and overshoot while, on
other laps, I'd brake at what I thought was the normal position and the car would stop early. It's disappointing, as obviously grid position is very important, but that's what we have."



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