Lewis Hamilton is determined to not get too complacent when he makes the trip across the border from Canada to the United States for the latest round of an already stunning debut Formula 1 season at Indianapolis.

Just six rounds into his maiden season and Hamilton already lays claim to six podiums, including his Montreal triumph, and a comfortable championship lead, a status that has very much made him the new face of motorsport heading to the legendary American venue.

Even so, while Hamilton admits he is still unable to believe the position he finds himself in, he is eager to stress that the eleven races that remain will still have a major impact on the current standings.

"It still hasn't really sunk in that I have won my first race, it was an amazing weekend for me and it is fantastic that we are racing again already this weekend," he mused. "The Motor Speedway is another tough circuit on the cars, I hope we are as competitive, but until we get out on the circuit on Friday we can't really predict how it is going to go.

"To be going into race seven of the Championship in the position I am in is amazing; however it is still early days. This will be my seventh race and I am very much still learning.

"There are 11 more this season including Indy and that is a long way to go with a lot of hard work ahead. I have enjoyed the season so far, but am aware racing isn't predicable and anything could happen at the next race."

Hamilton is particularly looking forward to visiting the famous Indianapolis circuit, but while it will be the first time the McLaren driver has seen it in person, his similar 'predicament' in Canada means he is nonetheless keen to emulate the success of another Brit, 2007 Indianapolis 500 winner Dario Franchitti.

"I am really excited to be racing at Indianapolis. It is such a legendary venue, you can't escape the history here and I am looking forward to experiencing the atmosphere for the first time. The track has the unique characteristic of the banking, but from what I hear it doesn't have a massive impact on the cars, but it will be pretty cool!"



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