Heikki Kovalainen is eager to put the lessons learnt from the Canadian Grand Prix to good use as he heads to Indianapolis, another new venue for the Finn.

Kovalainen scored his best ever Formula 1 result in Canada after crossing the line in fourth, but it only came after a turbulent weekend that saw him become accustomed with the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit's walls more than once.

Nonetheless, Kovalainen was proud with the way in which he turned his fortunes around in Canada, keeping his head down and remaining out of trouble in a race that punished those inexperienced enough to go beyond the limit.

"I have to say that the way things turned around after two difficult days was pretty amazing," he said. "We finished so close to the podium after a tough weekend, and I think we can be satisfied because it wasn't just down to luck: we had the right strategy, I drove well and the car was quick... That was a good boost coming into this race, and I will be aiming to keep the momentum."

The result, which moves him up to ninth in the driver standings, gives Kovalainen confidence ahead of another venue he hasn't visited in Indianapolis. Indeed, he is keen to learn from the lessons posed in Canada where he realised losing track time is a major bane.

"It is crucial not to lose track time over the weekend. When I went into qualifying, I had no feeling for the performance on the soft tyre, for example. So clearly I need to do the sessions to find a good balance with the car, and build my confidence through the weekend. But the other lesson was about the attitude you need.

I had a tough weekend, but I stayed positive and kept on working hard. The team worked for me too, supported me all the way, and I did the best for them on Sunday. That's what you have to keep on doing if you want to be successful: stay confident, and stay positive."

"Indianapolis is a mythical circuit that everybody in motor racing has heard of. It's a spectacular sight when you go through the tunnel for the first time, and find yourself in the infield. The oval is huge, and makes the F1 circuit look very small alongside!

"I think it is an interesting circuit for us to race on though. The section on the oval is very high speed, while the infield offers some interesting combinations of corners. I am looking forward to discovering what it feels like from the cockpit."



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