Lewis Hamilton was satisfied with his day's performance in practice for the United States Grand Prix as he continues to make sterling progress along his steep learning curve, this time at Indianapolis.

Like Montreal, the Indiana circuit is new to the championship leader, but as with the Canadian track, he took to it with aplomb, securing the third fastest time in the morning before promoting himself to second by the end of the day.

Although his best still left him some four tenths behind McLaren team-mate Fernando Alonso, Hamilton was merely keen to get miles under his belt as he becomes accustomed to the unusual banked layout and twisty infield section of the Indy 500 venue.

"As this was the first time I have ever driven at the Indianapolis track I spent some time just getting to know the circuit," he said. "The really tricky bit is the mid-section as it's very tight and twisty. We spent our time fine tuning the set-up and evaluating the two different tyre options provided by Bridgestone this weekend.

Still, Hamilton's day was not without a small amount of trouble when he made a rare mistake and slightly damaged his car. Nonetheless, with a championship lead to consolidate, the Brit insists the signs for another good weekend are there.

"In the first part of the second session I ran a little wide and did some minor damage to the aerodynamic fences which took a little time for the guys to repair. We have a pretty good idea of where we are going, and it looks like we should be competitive, but as always Friday is only the start of the weekend - there is a long way to go."



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