Ron Dennis took the opportunity to get the first word in on any speculation that his McLaren drivers weren't able to race one another in the United States Grand Prix, the team boss insisting the battle between Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso was a genuine one.

Still having to defend his team policy after criticism in various corners of the press relating to the Monaco and Canadian Grand Prix and the speculation of 'favouritism' and 'team orders', Dennis claims the tussle between Hamilton and Alonso at Indianapolis came without any interference from the team.

Eventually Hamilton prevailed as the winner, despite a heart-stopping moment for the team when the duo got very close midway through the race as they disputed the lead. Nonetheless, Dennis assures that he has confidence in his drivers to do the best for the team, but at the same time trusts that they will fight for position nonetheless.

"Lewis and Fernando raced from beginning to end," he said. "During the middle stint Fernando pushed hard and caught Lewis and this of course created some positive but tense moments on the pit wall. We were obviously happy to let them race but had to be mindful of the fact that our competition was not threatening our one-two finish.

"Fifteen laps from the end both drivers reduced their rev s to save the engines for the French Grand Prix but still continued to race. Their sporting behaviour both on track and especially during the podium celebrations made the team proud to have two such great drivers.

Moving 35 points clear in the constructor standings with their third 1-2 result of the season, Dennis is now hoping the team can continue their stellar form as the championship returns to Europe.

"We will continue to push hard in our development programme which will allow us to bring more performance to the French Grand Prix in two weeks time."



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