Fernando Alonso has said that he has no problem with McLaren team-mate Lewis Hamilton's tactics at the start, despite suggestions that the Briton had moved excessively to prevent himself from being overtaken.

Just weeks after former world champion Jacques Villeneuve claimed that Hamilton's tactics needed to be monitored - comparing the Briton's movements to those employed by Michael Schumacher - Alonso was asked whether he thought the race to the first corner at Indianapolis was fair.

"I think you need to see it on TV [but], in the car, everything feels okay and we are fighting each other," he explained, "You don't see many movements so, in the car, I felt okay. I think, on TV, it will be maybe more easy to see."

At that point, Hamilton interjected, explaining that the rules allowed him to make one move down the straight and another going into the corner, to move back to a position to get around the turn, to which there was no reply from the Spaniard.

Alonso was also asked how it felt to run wheel-to-wheel with his team-mate, after they battled for the lead into turn one on lap 39. With Hamilton momentarily distracted by the STR of Tonio Liuzzi, Alonso was able to close right in on the Briton's rear wing, before jinking out in an effort to pass into the braking zone.

"It was close, but I think, to overtake on this circuit, you only have one chance, at turn one," the double world champion revealed, "Maybe because Lewis had that moment in turn nine, I had an opportunity to be close enough in the last corner. I had only one chance, and it was not possible so after that, as you cannot follow any closer than one second or one-and-a-half seconds."



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