Lewis Hamilton has confirmed that he and McLaren team-mate Fernando Alonso will no longer answer questions about each other unless both are present, after accusations that the media was twisting quotes to build up a rivalry between them.

Speaking at a Vodafone press event in London, Hamilton admitted that he could see that quotes were being used to help hype a supposedly bitter relationship within the McLaren camp, and revealed that he and Alonso had decided to keep their counsel unless the other had immediate right of reply.

"We get on really well," he insisted of his partnership with the double world champion, "We are very, very supportive of each other. Obviously, we are very competitive - we both want to win - but we have a great deal of respect for each other. We've never had a fallout - even after I won at the weekend, he came up afterwards and said congratulations."

McLaren boss Ron Dennis raised the subject of possible media restrictions at last weekend's USGP - as well as suggesting that Hamilton could move abroad to avoid media intrusion into his private life - and the British driver confessed that it was difficult to counter everything that appeared in the press.

"I'd never make a negative comment about [Alonso] because I've got a lot of respect for him," he insisted, "However, with him being Spanish, the media in Spain are trying to twist things, and I think its the same with the British media. At the moment, we feel it's better if we speak about each other when we are both there because he can read something in the papers that someone might have twisted."



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