The new Wembley Stadium reverberated to the sounds of a Formula 1 car earlier this week after David Coulthard completed a number of demo laps around the side of the pitch to celebrate the launch of the Race of Champions.

Held at the Stade de France in Paris for the last three years, the annual end of season spectacular will celebrate its 20th anniversary in London in December with the event coming to British soil for the first time.

DC will hope to fly the flag for Scotland alongside former WRC champion Colin McRae, and used the occasion of the 2007 launch to drive his Red Bull-Renault around the perimeter of the hallowed Wembley turf - which will be covered by a circuit similar to a WRC Superspecial stage for the actual event.

"I haven't been to the new stadium before," he told the assembled press. "The last time I was here it was to watch Michael Jackson in concert which was a long time ago!

"Obviously it was tight just going round the perimeter of the pitch and isn't like driving the car normally, but none the less it is a nice picture for me to have - being in a Formula 1 car at Wembley. I'm really looking forward to being back in December for what I'm sure will be a fantastic event."

Coulthard added that he was looking forward to the event in December and feels that the current 'Lewis Hamilton' factor will lead to a bumper crowd cramming into Wembley - with the possibility that Hamilton himself could compete.

"I love the chance to spend time with drivers from different formulae and find out about the challenges they have in their cars," he said. "The rally guys are the only ones to drive the cars we race and with such a tight track it is amazing to see how certain drivers adapt. There is real respect in the dressing room as we all change in the same room like the football players do - and that doesn't happen anywhere else as drivers have separate motor homes. I'm not saying I want to see the guys with their kit off, we just get a good atmosphere between ourselves before going out to race!

"I think with Lewis leading the title, the interest and viewing figures for motorsport in the UK are up. Being in Paris for the last few years, a lot of British fans have travelled to the Stade de France to see the event and with so many of the foundations of motorsport in the UK, it is great to have it here at Wembley this year."

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