Pat Symonds has said that there is more to come from Renault's R27 as Formula One returns to Europe for the summer, as the team aims to build on the progress seen since Monaco.

The executive director of engineering reckons that the past three races have shown that the regie is moving away from the frenetic midfield battle involving the likes of Williams, Red Bull and Toyota and edging closer to BMW Sauber, which has held 'best of the rest' status behind McLaren and Ferrari for the first third of the season. With Giancarlo Fisichella taking fourth place in Monaco, and rookie team-mate Heikki Kovalainen appearing to make a breakthrough with solid point scoring finishes in both Canada and the USA, Symonds feels there is reason to be optimistic for the rest of the year.

"The results don't quite tell the full story, because some odd things happened to both teams in both [the Canadian and American] races, but, in overall terms, I think it's indicative of the fact that the tide is turning," he maintained, "We are very close to BMW now and racing them hard. Without a doubt, we have upped our game and pulled out of the midfield bunch we were in. And there's still more to come."

Coming off the back of successive world championship titles, the performance of the R27 relative to its rivals was a major disappointment to the team, but Symonds is keen to point out that hard work back at the factory has been instrumental in turning the season around.

"The first thing to say - and it's an important point - is that the work is progressing," he stressed, "Of course, it is never fast enough - we all want to be leading championships and winning every race and you're never happy until you are doing so - but we take a lot of comfort from the fact that, after a poor start to the year, we are pulling it back so rapidly. Other teams are not having a great season, and not pulling it back as we are. There is plenty to be proud of in what we are doing.

"There's plenty of activity, that's for sure. As we better understand the problems we have been suffering from, we are able to improve the car. There will be
enhancements for France and Britain - our work has largely been focused on the aerodynamics of the car in the wind tunnel - and that's in addition to continue the push with our normal development processes. There are a lot of new bits coming for the car, and you can be certain that we will keep on fighting. We are still working on the car, still trying things, but I certainly believe our performance will be better, and we're hoping for a good race in France."



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