Jenson Button has conceded that while Honda are still a long way off where they need to be, they should make a slightly bigger step forward in the next few races.

Thus far this season Button has had a tough time and neither, he nor team-mate, Rubens Barrichello for that matter, have managed much with the uncompetitive RA107. Indeed while Honda 'B' team, Super Aguri have notched up 4 points, the 'A' team has yet to get off the mark.

Speaking exclusively in an interview for Bridgestone's latest Racing All Over The World Formula 1 podcast, Jenson conceded that the year thus far has been very different to what he had hoped.

"After such a good end to the 2006 season we expected a lot more. We were on such a high. We thought we were going to do very well in 2007 but the car hasn't been very nice to drive and we have been a long way off the pace," he stated.

"It has been disappointing and very tough for me - and the whole team really. But we are a strong team and we are working hard to put ourselves back at the front. I know Honda will work as hard as they can until they achieve. We are doing the best job we can and I think we are improving every race we go to and I think in the next few races we will see a slightly bigger improvement."

Asked how testing went last week at Jerez, Button noted that while progress was made, they won't know until this weekend's French Grand Prix, how that translates in terms of performance relative to the competition.

"We had some new mechanical parts [at Jerez to try] - and some new aerodynamic tweaks as well and it is definitely an improvement - it is just that we don't know how much. It is very difficult to say and I think we have to wait until Magny Cours to really see where we stand," he confirmed.

"But the positive thing is, it is a step forward and we have just got to see if we are in a points challenging position. That's what I am hoping for."

As for Magny Cours, Button noted that while it might not be a very popular circuit on the calendar due to its remote rural location, he still likes it very much: "I like the place. I don't think it is one of the favourites for most drivers', but for me it is a great circuit," he continued.

"I love the flowing high-speed chicanes and also the high-speed turn 2. It is very, very smooth, which means you can really run the car low and that gives you more downforce. So, I am looking forward to it and it is also exciting because we have got these new parts."

Looking beyond the French Grand Prix, the Englishman added that it will be great to compete in front of his home crowd at Silverstone the following weekend.

"I love the circuit itself. Silverstone is a fantastic circuit, a real drivers' circuit - very fast and very flowing. It is one of the last really of the fast flowing circuits. The crowd obviously are fantastic too.

"I have been there when I have had a good car and I have been there when I have had a bad car and the support is always the same, which is great. We have got four British drivers' this year. Obviously Lewis [Hamilton] has won a couple of races, so it is going to be a pretty manic weekend for all of us I think."

So would a wet race be good?

"Wet is always very interesting. We don't drive in the wet that often and so it is about finding the limit of the car in tricky conditions. In the dry if you push a little bit hard you might run wide but in the wet it is very different. Also there are so many different racing lines in the wet - some people turn in late, some people take the normal racing line as in the dry, there are just so many different options. That adds to the excitement," he continued.

"It is about trying to push the car a little bit further than the other people are and that is how I won my first F1 race in Hungary last year. For me those conditions are perfect and I am looking forward to the British GP, hopefully it will be wet."

Pressed on what they can do in the second half of the year and if they can bounce back again like they did in 2006, Jenson noted to do that again won't be easy.

"That is going to need a big improvement - we are a long way off where we need to be. The changes we have made recently may help. We will have to wait and see when we get to Magny Cours and see if we are in the points. If we can keep building on that, maybe at the end of the year we can get a podium or something. But that is asking a lot at the moment," he summed-up. "I think now we are doing a lot of work on this year's car so that next year's car is in the right direction. So that is the aim for me."

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