McLaren has revealed that no intellectual property was been passed onto another member of their team, or indeed incorporated into the design of their cars, as the saga involving the Woking-based team and Ferrari begins to unfold.

Having suspended one of their engineers yesterday on the same day Ferrari axed designer Nigel Stepney, the link between the two has been focused on information passed from Ferrari to McLaren.

Nonetheless, McLaren insist that no other members of the team have had any knowledge of the claims being made and have duly discussed matters with both the FIA and Ferrari in order to clear matters.

Their latest statement reads as follows:

"Following our statement of 3rd July 2007, McLaren has completed a thorough investigation and can confirm that no Ferrari intellectual property has been passed to any other members of the team or incorporated into its cars.

"McLaren has in the meanwhile openly disclosed these matters to the FIA and Ferrari and sought to satisfy any concerns that have arisen from this matter. In order to address some of the speculation McLaren has invited the FIA to conduct a full review of its cars to satisfy itself that the team has not benefited from any intellectual property of another competitor."

More information from both Ferrari and McLaren is expected to follow....



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