The Nigel Stepney-Ferrari-McLaren spy row took a new turn on Friday at the British Grand Prix, with Honda issuing their own statement confirming that team boss, Nick Fry met with Stepney and Mike Coughlan last month.

Honda has stressed though that at 'no point during the meeting was any confidential information offered or received'. Furthermore the Brackley-based operation has volunteered to provide any information required by Ferrari and McLaren.

"Given the speculation surrounding the legal investigations at Ferrari and McLaren, the Honda Racing F1 Team would like to clarify that earlier this year Nigel Stepney, formerly of Scuderia Ferrari, requested a meeting with Nick Fry, chief executive officer of the Honda Racing F1 Team," read a statement from Honda.

"Nigel Stepney subsequently met in June of this year with Nick Fry and brought with him Mike Coughlan of McLaren, with a view to investigating job opportunities within the Honda Racing F1 Team.

"Honda would like to stress that at no point during this meeting was any confidential information offered or received. Nick Fry informed Jean Todt and Ron Dennis of the meeting and has offered to provide any information required by Ferrari and McLaren."

In a separate development meanwhile, British newspaper, The Times reports that a German motorsport website, Auto Motor und Sport has claimed that the dossier allegedly sent by Stepeny to Coughlan, was at least 500 pages. It is believed that the documents contained highly confidential information, including data on Ferrari's current car, the F2007 and future development plans.

'Ferrari sources', the broadsheets notes, 'have made no attempt to contradict the claims [made by Auto Motor und Sport].'



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