Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen believes that he can still take the drivers' title this season, even if he is currently more than 20 points behind the leader, Lewis Hamilton.

Speaking during his first meeting with the media at Silverstone on Thursday, ahead of this weekend's British Grand Prix, Kimi added that things are still very open, especially as there are lots of races still to go.

"I hope that now after the win in France, we can be more consistent in terms of getting good results in the remaining races," he revealed.

"It is true that I am quite a way behind those in front of me in the championship, but there is still a big part of the season to go, so my plan is to keep pushing and we will have to see where I end up at the end of the season."

As for this weekend itself, Raikkonen remains quietly confident the Scuderia will deliver at Silverstone, even if the weather is likely to make things a bit of a lottery: "I enjoy this circuit and I have a good record here. The test before France went well, but here the weather can affect things a lot, so we must wait and see how the weekend develops from that point of view," he continued.

"It is too early to say how we will go, but I can be optimistic after the test here. I think that, not only has the car itself improved, but it is now more how I like it to drive. I hope that will be a trend that continues for the rest of the season."

Asked what sort of reception he thinks he will get from the British fans now that he is in 'red', Kimi stated that it shouldn't make too much difference.

"Usually, I get a good welcome from the fans here, but I have been driving for a British based team for the past years. But the English fans are knowledgeable and I know that Ferrari has a big following here too, so I expect the welcome I get over the weekend will be much the same as ever," he summed-up.



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