Alex Wurz has blamed his inability to get the most out of the Bridgestone tyres over a single lap for his disappointing showings in qualifying so far this season, but at the same time ensures he is not concerned about it.

Wurz is new to the shootout qualifying system this year but while other newcomers have adapted well, the Austrian has been regularly humbled, failing to make the second knockout phase in five of the eight races this season.

By stark contrast, team-mate Nico Rosberg has out-qualified him each round so far and has made the top ten shootout on five occasions too.

Although Wurz has made up for this in the races with a finishing position considerably higher than his grid slot, not to mention his seventh and third place finishes in Monaco and Montreal that actually place him ahead of Rosberg in the standings, qualifying is quickly becoming a psychological stumbling block and one he is unsure of how to solve.

"Well, if you call it wrong or not good enough, whatever it is, it's a few hundredths, a few tenths here and there and I have to work on that," he told Thursday's press conference ahead of the British Grand Prix.

"The races are very strong, especially the starts. At every start, I have always overtaken people. I think I'm actually the leader in overtaking manoeuvres on the race track in the 2007 season."

However, while Wurz cites tyres as being a major issue for him having been forced to make the switch back to Bridgestone for the first time since he last raced in Formula 1 back in 2000, he denies it is a problem that worries him.

"Generally I have to work a little bit with the tyres, as they are not really designed for my driving style, if you want to call it this. It was much better last year with the different constructions but that's something you have to dial your brain into and I don't see any reason why that should cause me sleepless nights. But the racing is nice for sure."



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