While admitting that he would like to start his home race from pole position, Lewis Hamilton also revealed that it might not be such a hardship if he missed top spot as he knew that passing was possible at Silverstone.

Having shown that he could overtake in both of last season's GP2 races at the British venue - including a breath-taking three-wide pass on Nelson Piquet Jr and Clivio Piccione at Becketts - Hamilton hinted that he was ready to debunk the myth that passing in F1 was nigh on impossible.

"I think that, out of a lot of the circuits, I found that following another car here was fairly similar to the experience I had in GP2," he explained, "You can actually stay behind them in some of the corners, although I don't know if that is because it is so windy here. I think you'll see plenty of overtaking during the race. Inevitably, the guy in front doesn't have any dirty air, and has an advantage, so that has got to be the aim for all drivers. We'll have to see what happens in qualifying, but we aim to be ahead of them either way.

"Going into tomorrow, we have to make sure we go through the programme that we had set out and make fine small adjustments to the car. As you could see today, we have very good pace. I have no doubt that some of the people ahead of us were quite a bit lighter than us, but we will obviously have to see tomorrow. I go into qualifying with quite a bit of confidence in my car, and I really do feel that, at least on a single lap, we will be quicker than the Ferraris."

The McLaren phenom was among the first drivers to blot his copybook with a rotation in practice, something Hamilton attributed to the wind that blows across the former airfield.

"The track was quite dirty this morning but, as soon as you get round the first corner, there's a huge gust of wind that hits the car," he revealed, "This is one of those circuits which is normally affected quite badly by the wind - it's always windy here. I don't know how strong it was today, but you could really feel it.

"Going through a corner, the car might have been nicely balanced and then, all of a sudden, a big gust of wind hits you and it really does affect the car. That's probably why it was so much harder for everyone to keep it on the road."

Despite the conditions, however, Silverstone remains one of Hamilton's favoured venue - and the reaction of a record Friday crowd will not have swayed his opinion.

"It is an awesome track, and really has always been one of my favourites," he confirmed, "Turn one, the first sector, the high speed corners, the history of the circuit and seeing how many people were there today, especially in the last sector..... That's great to see - there are obviously a lot of British flags, so it's very exciting for me.

"I think it is a very physical circuit, but extremely technical as well, especially when it is so windy as it makes it even harder to tune the set-up, even more so than on other circuits I have experienced."



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