Alex Wurz and Scott Speed expressed different opinions to the clash that saw the latter driver eliminated from the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Running close to one another at the mid-way stage of the race, Wurz and Speed both came under threat from the leaders as they attempted to thread their way past to lap them, with neither willing to give the other an advantage through the blue flags.

However, when Speed went wide at Club to allow Fernando Alonso past him, Wurz dived up the inside of the Toro Rosso but ran slightly wide and clipped Speed's car. Although it was the Williams that rather more spectacularly skipped over the front of his sparring partner's car, it was Speed who was forced to retire with damaged suspension.

Rather inevitably though, both drivers saw a different side to the story, Speed calling Wurz 'optimistic' and Wurz retorting that Speed 'left the door open'

"I got a good start and after that it was unfortunate that I did not get ahead of Trulli in the pit stops as that would have made our race for us," the American said. "Then it all came to a quick end as we were letting the leaders by. It was certainly a bit of a complicated incident, because I knew that for about half a lap the leaders were quite close behind us, but Alex wasn't letting them by. When I did,

"I knew that me Alex and Trulli were so close I decided to let Fernando by at the same point as it would have been foolish to hold the race leader up for so long. As we went into the next corner, really tight together, Alex decided to take a very optimistic move down the inside but he couldn't hold it and ran wide into me. I didn't see Alex until we were in the corner. I went narrow to try and protect my position because I didn't want to brake late and run into the back of Fernando. "

"Around lap 30, I used the opportunity of the blue flags to out-brake Speed," Wurz added, "after he left the door open, but after I went through, he hit my rear wheel. His race was over, but fortunately I was able to continue with no problems."

Wurz carried on to finish 13th, while Speed was later joined by team-mate Tonio Liuzzi in experiencing Toro Rosso's fifth double retirement of the season.



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