Toyota's Ralf Schumacher was unable to make the most of his best qualifying performance of the season due to a mechanical problem that forced him out of the British GP shortly before the halfway marker.

Ralf went into the race having qualified sixth on the grid and he gained a spot before the race even began, as Felipe Massa had a problem, which culminated with the Brazilian starting from the pit lane.

Despite a poor getaway, which dropped Ralf to eighth, he nonetheless pushed hard during his first stint and was look reasonably strong until he suffered a wheel fixation problem on lap 22, after his first pit stop.

"That was a disappointing day. We retired when I had a problem with our front left wheel although we still have to investigate the exact cause," explained Schumacher. "I felt the failure as I came into the complex and I had to retire straightaway. It is a pity because we looked strong all weekend and we were confident of a good result today.

"Unfortunately we had lost some positions at the start as well so we will need to look into that to understand why that happened. So it's clear that the outcome is not satisfactory but the positive thing is that we were back in the top ten with both cars in qualifying.

"We had quite good lap times today and we were able to stay with the BMWs and the Renaults while I was in the race. So we have showed a decent performance and I'm reasonably happy with that. The fact that we were able to fight higher up will give the team an extra push as we prepare for the next race at the N?rburgring."

Toyota team principal, Tadashi Yamashina was not at all happy with how the race day unfolded for them. Indeed, not only did Ralf retired, but Jarno Trulli was also forced out in the sister TF107 and he called it a day on lap 43, having struggled with severe 'balance and grip issues'.

"After yesterday's strong qualifying performance we were expecting a better result in today's race," Yamashina continued. "But today the starts were everything. Our starts were simply not good enough so we must investigate again and make our best efforts to increase our pace off the line.

"After he dropped places Ralf was in traffic but at least his pace was reasonably competitive. Then he was forced to retire with a wheel fixation problem at the front left.

"Then Jarno ran into balance and grip issues which we will also have to investigate. We tried everything to understand what was going on and we pitted him early for his second stop to check the tyres and change the nose. But in the end it was not possible to change things and we called him in because his car was massively unbalanced with no grip.

"Of course we must now analyse everything that has gone wrong today and work hard to develop our cars further. But this was just not our race."



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