Ferrari team boss, Jean Todt has said that the F1 spy row saga will become a lot 'clearer' on Tuesday, when the team heads to the High Court again in London.

According to allegations from the Scuderia, over 500 pages of confidential documents were passed from ex-Ferrari engineer Nigel Stepney, to McLaren's chief designer, Mike Coughlan. While Stepney has denied passing any information to Coughlan, he has already been dismissed by Ferrari.

"A lot more will become clear on Tuesday in the high court," Todt confirmed to British newspaper, The Guardian, although he refused to reveal any details.

Asked if he was worried about Stepney revealing anything that the Scuderia would prefer to remain private, Todt added that they have got nothing to be concerned about.

"We have had over 14 years with the team, some good times and some tough times, but nothing that cannot come out," he continued.

"So you know very well in this business that if something has to come out it does not wait 10 years. We have about 900 people employed in the company, so the answer is quite easy."

As for if the whole situation is likely to have any bearing on if Ross Brawn returns to the team after his year's sabbatical, especially as Brawn and Stepney were good friends, Todt noted that it is unlikely to alter anything.

"I don't want to speak for him, but he is very sad knowing all that has happened. But it is nothing which will interfere in the choices he will have to make for the future. We will meet over the next weeks, I can confirm that," Todt summed-up.



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