Britain's Lewis Hamilton may be leading the race for the 2007 drivers' title by 12 points, but he's not content.

Indeed speaking following the British Grand Prix on Sunday he conceded that he will need to 'step up his game' over the next few months if he is to remain top in the drivers' championship and stay in contention for the title in his debut year.

Although Hamilton has been incredibly consistent this season and has had nine podiums finishes in succession, following his second third place finish in a row on Sunday at Silverstone, he noted that he will need to do better if he is to take the title and keep the likes of Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen at bay.

"I think I need to step up my game [if I want the title] which I intend to do," he stated. "As a team we need to push as always, but we need to try to push even more if we can.

"You know for me as a driver I'm still learning, I still have time to find in myself through experience and I think we are going to a few tracks that I know so it should really make the weekend a bit easier but it doesn't. I've been here before but I've struggled in terms of pace.

"Making sure we get the car set up right, making sure we keep on moving forward with the car and ideally beat the Ferraris' [that is what we need to do]."

As for if he was disappointed not to win his home event on Sunday, especially as he had started from pole, Lewis added that he had mixed feelings.

"Obviously, it is not the best result for us," he continued. "Being on pole I felt quite strongly that we could have had a better result.

"However, to come to your first home Grand Prix and still get a podium after difficulties on the second and last stint... I have to look on the bright side you know. We still have nine podiums in a row and I don't know if that has ever been done, but I'm very happy with that."

So did he think at any point: 'Kimi and Fernando are too quick, I'm not going to win...'?

"No not really. I never give up," he added. "I just keep on pushing because you never know what is going to happen. They [the leaders] could have come together; they could have got caught by back-markers.

"Sometimes I could see people ahead and I didn't know if it was them or whoever. I thought maybe they would be getting close to back-markers and I thought 'this is my opportunity to keep pushing because you might get close.' You never know what is going to happen so I find you never give up, you just keep on pushing.

"The team are telling you to turn the engine down at some point so you are getting slower but then you try to push to compensate for the engine. But otherwise I kept going."



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