The Formula 1 spy row saga hit the High Court in London on Tuesday, where it was confirmed that Ferrari have launched a case against McLaren chief designer, Mike Coughlan.

According to reports, documents were allegedly found belonging to the Scuderia when Coughlan's house was searched last week and at the preliminary hearing, Coughlan and his wife, Trudy, were named as defendants.

The case was adjourned until Wednesday for Coughlan to provide an explanation to Ferrari on how he came to have the documents in his possession.

Nigel Tozzi, representing Ferrari, according to a report by Reuters, told Mr Justice Briggs: "Their conduct by taking these documents, knowing they were not entitled to them, copying them, keeping them - on any view they have behaved disgracefully.

"We would be blissfully ignorant of all this, were it not for a tip-off we received," he added.

Ferrari found out about Coughlan when the documents were taken to a photocopy shop.

Although it is not known how the documents got into his hands, ex-Ferrari engineer, Nigel Stepney, who was sacked by the Scuderia last week, is thought to be the primary suspect.

Stepney however, has denied he is the leak and has said that he is part of a 'dirty tricks campaign'.

The case will continue on Wednesday.



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