Super Aguri's technical director Mark Preston believes that if they want to score more points this season it is vital they make it through to Q2.

Although the Super Aguri squad have already scored points on two occasions this year - thanks to Takuma Sato's eighth place finish in Spain and his fantastic sixth place finish in Canada, Preston added that if they don't make it through to Q2 more often, then they will find it very difficult to add to their 4 point tally.

Indeed while they have made it through to Q2 eight times, in the last four events they have only managed it twice: "It has become fairly obvious to us that unless you start in the Q2 section of the grid, in a position between eleven and fourteen to be exact, there is not much chance of scoring points unless there is an act of God," Preston explained.

"However, from this position on the grid a number of teams have proved that it is possible. The top teams do make it difficult to score points though due to their reliability."

Despite that though, Preston is more than happy with how things have gone during the first half of the year: "Pre-season I had three goals for the team: firstly to get through to Q2 in Qualifying for the first time, secondly to score the team's first point and finally to finish in the top ten of the Constructors' Championship. What has actually happened is far beyond what we could have imagined a year and a half ago," he continued.

"In Melbourne, not only did we get through to Q2, but one of the cars reached the final session in Qualifying! Our first point came in Barcelona with Takuma; it was a memorable event as the team could then say that it had officially joined the ranks of Formula One. A point signifies quite a lot and put us well and truly in the record books."

So can they remain in the top ten in the constructors' championship?

"Obviously the four points we now have will stand us in good stead for achieving the third goal; however France showed us how incredibly competitive F1 has become," he added. "When you think that there was a rule that disallowed cars that were slower that 107 per cent two years ago, and in France most of the grid was covered by 102 per cent; it has certainly tightened up!"

As for the next event, the European Grand Prix at the Nurburgring in Germany next week, Preston said they have clear targets: "We will concentrate on getting through to Q2, as I said before, as this gives us the best chance to score more points, or at least race with our direct competitors in order to maintain our position in the Championship," he summed-up.



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