After struggling to pin down the right set-up for his home race at Silverstone two weekends ago, Lewis Hamilton is confident that he will not struggle with the same problem at the Nurburgring, but only because he is revisiting old data.

Asked at the Thursday press conference whether the recent Spa-Francorchamps group test had given him any pointers for the European Grand Prix, Hamilton denied that there had been much crossover in the work carried out in Belgium.

"The Spa test went well for me, as I had a nice clear day with no rain," he revealed, "It was a real boost of confidence for me. We got there and the car felt better than it has felt all season, so I was very, very happy. We did the team briefing and I was just comfortable with my set-up. When you drive a car that you are comfortable with it is just a pleasure. So for once I enjoyed testing.

"However, it was good for that track. In terms of making sure we have the right direction [elsewhere], I think we have gone back to where we were before - and we have to continue to make sure we improve in that area."

The world championship leader admitted that he and his crew had followed the wrong trail when trying to set the McLaren MP4-22 up for Silverstone, and ran out of time to try alternatives when their hunch proved misguided.

"We went down a certain route..." he explained, "You only have P1, P2, P3 and it's not a lot of time to find the perfect set-up. Sometimes, you go down one route and it's too late to go back to another one. You don't have enough time, so you continue with that and hope it is good enough. We didn't have the right set-up for once. Going into this weekend, we understand where we went wrong, and we think we come here a bit stronger."



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