Despite adding to its technical staff over the past few weeks, Nick Fry insists that Honda is unlikely to show any major improvement in results until 2008.

Speaking at Friday's official press conference at the European Grand Prix, Fry admitted that the additional input had had some impact on the future direction of the 2007 car but, with the majority of the new staff not yet able to take up their roles, they would be more valuable to the RA108.

"I think making some progress now," he said when asked about the strengthening programme, "We came to a very sensible arrangement with Williams over Loic Bigois, and he's been with us now for one whole week and has already made some small suggestions which we are in the process of implementing. I think he will settle in very well. He knows a number of our aerodynamic people quite well from past jobs, so we're not starting from scratch.

"There will be other people joining, but they are between now and the end of the year. I'm sure we can make a little bit more progress this year but, obviously, a lot of work is now going into making sure that we have a better car for next season."

Fry also confirmed that Shuhei Nakamoto remained at the top of the technical pyramid, despite the appointment of Jorg Zander from BMW in the past week.

"Nakamoto-san is senior technical director, that's his official title," Fry said, "We're reinforcing some of the skills underneath Nakamoto-san. J?rg, who will come from the BMW team, is someone who has worked again at BAR, [and] will deputise for Nakamoto-san. I hope that he also can make a contribution."



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