McLaren-Mercedes have confirmed that Lewis Hamilton will have to wait untii Sunday morning to find out if he is allowed to race in the European Grand Prix, but they did reveal that he is otherwise unharmed following his major shunt.

Hamilton brought qualifying to a halt in its latter stages when he crashed into barriers at the Schumacher S with considerable force, an earlier air gun failure whilst changing tyres for his final qualifying run causing his right-front tyre to collapse when placed under significant strain.

Although a rather shocked Hamilton emerged from the car soon after, he was nonetheless taken to Koblenz Bundeswehr Hospital where he received a CT scan before being discharged with no bruises to show for.

Nonetheless, although the team claim Hamilton is more than ready to race, they will wait and respect the decision of FIA Medical Delegate Gary Hartstein on the morning prior to the race.

A statement from the team read:-

"Vodafone McLaren Mercedes are very happy to confirm that Lewis Hamilton is completely uninjured following his accident during today's qualifying at the N?rburgring.

"Following a thorough examination at the on-track medical centre, he was flown to the Koblenz Bundeswehr Hospital where he underwent a full precautionary CT scan which proved to be entirely normal.

"Lewis has no bruises and is highly motivated to race tomorrow.

"As is normal, a final sign-off by the FIA Medical Delegate Gary Hartstein will take place tomorrow morning which the team believes will be positive.

"If cleared to race, he will start from tenth position with the same fuel load as he started qualifying with."



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