Red Bull Racing's Mark Webber and David Coulthard endured very different fortunes in qualifying for the European Grand Prix, the two drivers qualifying at opposite ends of the grid.

A session fraught with problems for Coulthard, the Scot claims he was blocked unintentionally by team-mate Webber twice through the session. Worse was to come though when a timing error meant Coulthard did not complete his out-lap quick enough to start his final flying attempt.

It transpired to leave Coulthard seething down in 20th position, the first time he has missed the Q1 cut on merit this season. Nonetheless, while he admits it was a mistake that should never have happened he was now just keen to focus on the race.

"For the first timed lap I went out behind Mark's car. He aborted the lap when he locked up, so I got close to the back of him and was held up. I started my second timed lap even closer to him than on the first, so it wasn't a clean run.

"We didn't get the timing quite right for me to start my final lap, I got the chequered flag just as I came round the last corner to begin it. But it's happened now, it's over, and we'll get with tomorrow. It's not something that's happened before and I doubt it will happen again."

Webber on the other hand though once again proved his reputation as a superb qualifier by placing the car sixth on the grid, equalling his and team's best starting position of the season. It was also the seventh time in ten attempts that he has reached the top ten this year.

"It started to come together in Q2 today and we were able to get into the final top ten, which is great because the midfield is so tight at the moment. We're happy with what we've done today. We'll be racing against Toyota, Renault and Williams tomorrow and trying to get some points from them."



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