The gravel at turn one on the Nurburgring managed to do a good impression of a very expensive wreckers yard after five cars found themselves retiring whilst in the midst of a severe downpour.

In total seven drivers managed to find the abysmal weather conditions too hard to handle as they came down to the first bend and found the rivers running across the circuit were causing cars to aquaplane.

The victims included Jenson Button, Nico Rosberg, Adrian Sutil, Scott Speed and Vitantonio Liuzzi, all five realising too late that their wet tyres were futile in the conditions. Lewis Hamilton and Anthony Davidson were also caught out but managed to recover to the restart.

For the remaining five though it brought a premature end to a race that could have worked in their favour had they managed to stay on the track, particularly Button who was up to fourth from 17th on the grid after just two laps.

"I didn't get a good start and I dropped to 20th position, however I had a really good first lap and I was up to sixth position when I pitted for wet tyres. After that the rain poured down and turn one was a lake. By that time I was in fourth position behind Massa and Alonso. I just touched the brakes and all four wheels locked, then I hit the wall.

"It's a real shame because I had a lot of fuel on board, a good strategy given the way the race then panned out for the others and I love to drive in these wet conditions. This race was unfortunately a lottery and sadly I lost out."

Rosberg was another to be disappointed with the outcome, the German having to watch on the sidelines whilst Williams team-mate Alex Wurz swept to fourth position and pull an even bigger margin on him in the points' standings.

"The start lap was very difficult on the hard tyres. It wasn't easy to warm them up and I seemed to struggle more than the cars around me. We knew the rain was coming, and we came into the pits at the right time, but we didn't expect so much water and we fitted my car with inters rather than full wets. I went back out on track and after some time there were yellows going into the first corner.

"I slowed down a lot but I aquaplaned and slid into the gravel. In such a situation, the tyres just come up and sit on top of the water and you have no contact with the ground. The engine then stopped and that was it. It was very disappointing. I'm now looking ahead to the next race."

Adrian Sutil meanwhile was probably the most spectacular of the casualties as he slid into the barriers at high-speed. Nonetheless, the German insists he was just a passenger when he attempted to brake and nothing happened.

"I couldn't hold the car on the wet track and I was just a passenger in the hairpin. So many people went off there, it was incredible. I just braked and lost the rear and that was it. It was a hard impact, but I'm alright, just disappointed. We just have to hope that the next time will be better."



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