Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen has vowed that he has no intention of giving up following his bitter disappointment at the Nurburgring last weekend.

Raikkonen went into Sunday's European Grand Prix in the best position possible, having secured the pole the day before, but it all went wrong for the Finn in the race and he eventually had to retire while in contention for the win due to hydraulic problems.

Despite his obvious frustration though, the 'ice-man' is realistic enough to know that with seven rounds still to go, it is far from over. Especially as the gap to current leader, Lewis Hamilton is now only 18 points.

"From time to time it's really difficult to understand how hard motor sport can be. We had everything on our side for a perfect weekend, but we were unable to bring it to a conclusion. It was a real pity that I had to retire for the second time this year. We are not on the floor, but this does not make it any easier," he reflected.

"I don't know why, but it seems that the two German race tracks don't like me: although I must say that I really like to drive there, at the N?rburgring and also at Hockenheim!

"After the pole on Saturday I was in the position to reverse this negative tradition, but in the end it just didn't happen. You can't do anything to change things: let's see if we can make it next year.

"But I have to say that I was really happy about the pole, my second this year. The car was very fast over the whole weekend and in Q3 everything went well. On Saturday evening I had a really good feeling, and then, just a couple of minutes before the start of the race, we knew that it was going to rain about ten minutes after the start. But it started earlier and with an unexpected intensity.

"The start was fine but after the first half a lap the track was wet. We were called in for a pitstop, but when I was on the white line of the pitlane's entrance, the car violently veered and went back on the track almost by itself. This lap under the heavy rain with the slicks was really very difficult: I tried to come back in as fast as possible and at the same time keep the car on the track. The red flag reset the situation and I was still confident of my possibilities to win.

"The rain did not play a part at all in my retirement. I started to have small problems when I was right behind [Fernando] Alonso, then I just lost the differential and the control of the accelerator, so I had to stop at the entrance of the pitlane."

Kimi though was keen to emphasise that while he was disappointed, Hungary, which is the next stop on the Formula 1 calendar, will be the perfect place to bounce back, especially as it is the closest thing he gets to a 'home' race.

"What's certain is that we will not give up: the gap from the top in the Drivers' championship remains unaltered, although there is one race less. But we have a real competitive car," he added.

"The next race is in Hungary, where I started from the pole last year and two years ago I won ahead of the Ferrari with Michael [Schumacher]. As usual there will be many Finnish tisofi: let's hope we can celebrate a good result together."



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