Formula 1 ringmaster, Bernie Ecclestone has said that he is hoping that the spy row 'nonsense' will all be cleared up today when McLaren appear before an extraordinary meeting of the FIA World Motor Sport Council.

Speaking to British broadsheet newspaper, The Times, Ecclestone added that the whole saga is a pain as it is spoiling an otherwise vintage season, as McLaren and Ferrari and their respective drivers' battle it out for the titles.

"I don't think anyone's going to make a decision on the world championship without really looking into everything," Mr E told the 'paper.

"Please God, nothing's gone wrong and it will all be a lot of nonsense. It would be better it didn't happen in the first place and it would be obviously beneficial if it was cleared up and everybody was sort of happy."

"There's been so much talked about this spying nonsense, it's even taking away from what's going on, on the track," he added. "I don't like it."

Asked if the team might be found guilty under the rules of 'collective responsibility', in effect that any actions by one of its staff can be seen as an act by the team as a whole, Bernie added that he 'didn't know how that could be interpreted'.

"Until all the evidence has been raked through though, no decision is going to be made about anything," he continued.

"It's like anything. They [McLaren-Mercedes] have been asked to come and say their party piece and until we have heard exactly what's what, it's impossible for anyone to make any decisions or even speculate," he summed-up.



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