Ferraris lawyer have made a sensational declaration ahead of the extraordinary meeting of the FIA World Motor Sport Council today, where McLaren have been summoned to answer charges relating to the on-going spy row.

According to documents obtained by British newspaper, The Guardian and Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera, Ferrari believe that the only reason they are trailing McLaren this year by so much in the race for the constructors' and drivers' titles, is because Ron Dennis' team have had an unfair advantage.

Indeed Ferrari believe that Coughlan did not act alone - and that on at 'least five occasions', information from the stolen dossier was made known to others within Team McLaren-Mercedes, including CEO, Martin Whitmarsh and engineering director, Paddy Lowe.

McLaren for the record, have always denied such accusations.

"The difference between the two teams is so close that it is likely that McLaren's superior number of points is a consequence of its chief designer having the Ferrari documents," Ferrari lawyers said.

Furthermore Ferrari believes that if they do lose out this year to McLaren it could cost them around E5.5 million as well as 'loss in respect of damage to the Ferrari brand.'

In a separate, but related, development meanwhile the broadsheet adds that the high court action against suspended McLaren chief designer Mike Coughlan and his wife Trudy, who obtained the secret 780-page Ferrari dossier, has not been dropped.



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