F1 ringmaster, Bernie Ecclestone has said that he won't be surprised if Ferrari does take the spy row to the FIA's Court of Appeal, following the World Motor Sport Council's decision not to punish McLaren last week, even though the team were found to be in possession of confidential Ferrari information.

Speaking to British newspaper, The News of the World, Ecclestone added though that even if the Scuderia do re-open the row, he can't see that it will make any difference in the battle for the 2007 FIA Formula 1 World Championship titles.

"If a decision has been reached that should be the end of the matter," he told the tabloid 'paper. "If Ferrari think the wrong decision has been made they have every right to appeal and I think they will.

"But I don't think it will make any difference to the championship positions in the end."

Ecclestone meanwhile will no doubt be none too pleased if Ferrari does go to the Court of Appeal, as he has already said the spying 'nonsense' is ruining an otherwise vintage season.

"There's been so much talked about this spying nonsense, it's even taking away from what's going on, on the track. I don't like it," he added last week in a report in The Times prior to the extraordinary meeting of the World Motor Sport Council.



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