Nelson Piquet's liberal attitude to driving laws in his native Brazil has seen his licence withdrawn by the authorities - and the three-time world champion ordered back to school before it can be returned.

The former Brabham, Williams and Benetton racer attended his first driving education 'lesson' yesterday [Monday] as a first step towards getting his permit returned - and was joined by wife Viviane, who had also lost her licence. Piquet's offences included repeated speeding and parking violations, as well as other misdemeanours, while his wife was accused of persistent 'bad driving'.

"I think we have to pay for our mistakes," the 54-year old father of Renault F1 reserve Nelson Jr told local news agency G1, "It's not even just a speeding problem. I got tickets for all kinds of reasons, for things like parking where I shouldn't."

The Piquets are expected to attend 30 hours of classes over the next eight days, before having to pass an exam in order to get their licences back.



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