McLaren have instigated measures to try and deflect the increasingly bitter 'spy' row away from their drivers Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton by cancelling their engagements as the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend gets underway.

With the FIA verdict and the loom of an appeal already casting a shadow over the eleventh round of the championship, Ron Dennis' decision to publish a scathing letter that accuses Ferrari of winning the Australian Grand Prix with an illegal car, has placed both teams even more into scrutiny.

With much of the interest likely to be concentrated on the drivers, who otherwise have little or no involvement in the saga, Reuters report that McLaren asked the permission of the FIA to withdraw Alonso from the compulsory FIA Press Conference, while the press have also been barred from asking the drivers about the situation.

Indeed, the saga is already going a long way to take the veneer off an otherwise enjoyable championship fight, the magnitude of the interest shown by the extensive media coverage that has seen the public row make headlines around the world.

Although found guilty of being in possession of 'intellectual property' from Ferrari, McLaren were not punished by the FIA when it was decided that it is not having an effect on this year's title race.

An incensed Ferrari have since decided to take this to the sport's Appel Court, with a decision due to be revealed in the next few weeks. If the punishment is indeed reviewed McLaren could be expelled from this year's championship should the most extreme measures be adopted.



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