Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner has admitted that he believes a touch of intrigue, and even a whiff of scandal, can be beneficial for Formula One, but reckons that the current row between Ferrari and McLaren has gone too far.

Responding to questions in Friday's FIA press conference at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Horner suggested that awakening media interest in the sport, even via less salubrious storylines, was a plus point - provided that things did not get out of hand.

"I think intrigue is a part of Formula One, it always has been, but I think it has to fundamentally remain a sport," he reasoned, "Formula One is obviously a glamorous sport and there is a degree of Hollywood involved in the business - but it should stop short of ending up in the courtroom, even a civil courtroom with a kind of industrial espionage type scenario that currently exists between two teams. But I think intrigue in Formula One - with drivers, with teams - will always exist and can be healthy for it."

The current 'spy scandal' is set for its second court appearance in just a handful of weeks after Ferrari successfully won its claim for an appeal hearing after rival McLaren was found guilty of breaching the rules by the FIA, but not punished for doing so. The World Motor Sport Council will now convene to hear Ferrari's appeal, and could yet derail McLaren's championship ambitions. Ferrari is also preparing a personal case against former technical manager Nigel Stepney through the Italian courts, but Horner is distancing himself from the hearings.

"We didn't have anybody in Paris last week and we won't have at the appeal," he revealed, "The matter doesn't concern our team, nor any employees of our team. We trust in the governing body to make the right decisions, so we won't be present."



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