Unsurprisingly, McLaren has decided to appeal the FIA stewards' decision to remove its right to score constructors' championship points in Sunday's Hungarian Grand Prix.

As well as stripping Fernando Alonso of pole position for 'actions considered prejudicial to the interests of the competition and to the interests of motor sport generally', the stewards decided that the team had played a big enough role in the outcome of the qualifying session to also warrant punishment.

"The penalty to be applied is that such points (if any) in the 2007 Formula One constructors' championship as accrue to the team as a result of their participation in the 2007 Hungarian Grand Prix will be withdrawn," an official statement issued late on Saturday night confirmed.

Believing that the penalty is unfair, McLaren immediately lodged an appeal against the decision, which will now cause the results of the race to remain provisional until that appeal can be heard, adding to the confusion already surrounding the season following the ongoing 'spy scandal' which involves both the Woking team - which could lose all its points if found guilty by the World Motor Sport Council later this month - and Ferrari.



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