Lewis Hamilton admits that he is saddened by the breakdown in communications between himself and McLaren team-mate Fernando Alonso following Saturday's qualifying session at the Hungaroring, but insists that it will not affect his focus.

The Briton revealed after the Hungarian Grand Prix that his Spanish team-mate had refused to talk to him, further widening the schism that first appeared in the McLaren line-up when the Briton proved his title potential early in the season. Although the pair attempted to project a healthy working relationship, the incident in Hungary appears to have been the final straw - for Alonso at least.

"He doesn't seem to have been speaking to me since yesterday, so I don't know if he has a problem," Hamilton revealed in the post-race press conference, "I think it is always difficult, [but] I have had it with every team I have been in.

"When you have the two most competitive people in the team - possibly the two most competitive people around, both wanting to win - it puts the team under immense pressure. It is just extremely hard for everyone to play fair and to make it easy. That's why sometimes it appears that one driver is favoured over the other. That's why sometimes I feel he is favoured and vice-versa.

"I think going on from now, I hope he still speaks to me. I am easy to get along with, I don't hold grudges on anyone. If he doesn't want to speak to me than that is for him to decide, but I'm open."

Hamilton, who extended his championship advantage over Alonso to seven points with his third victory of the season, insisted that the row of alleged blocking in qualifying had not affected his respect for the two-time world champion, with harmony in the team still something he wanted tom foster.

"Respect for Fernando remains the same," the Briton claimed, "I think, when you grow up and you start seeing someone who is as successful as you want to be - whether it be Fernando or Michael Schumacher - you have to respect them for what they have achieved. And I do. I've watched him for the last few years and really admired what he's done, so that doesn't change."

Alonso, however, appears to be the most reluctant member of the team when it comes to moving on, with Hamilton revealing that he had attempted to build bridges with as much of the squad as possible.

"In terms of speaking to the team, I spoke to everyone," he revealed, "I have told everyone the situation, apologised if they feel I have done something against them, but this is the way it is. It is higher than them, if you know what I mean.

"Going into the race, there was a big cloud over my mind, and it was difficult to stay focused because, obviously, you had this feeling in the team. The team weren't getting any points, so you didn't know whether they hated you, whether they just hated the situation or who they blamed. It was difficult, but I just tried to come here with a smile on my face and tried to remain positive for everyone and do the same procedure as always.

"I did go around to the whole team and said 'come on, let's do this, good luck'. There was only one person that didn't but, you know, that didn't really affect me. I got in and did my job. Obviously, for the team, it is not great because we both finished in the points, and we could have easily extended our gap to Ferrari considering Felipe didn't finish, but that's the way it is."



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