Former Formula 1 team owner Eddie Jordan has warned Lewis Hamilton not to let his ongoing dispute with team-mate Fernando Alonso become political, with the possibility that such a move could ostracise him from the McLaren team.

Hamilton extended his lead in the drivers' championship with a third win of the season in the Hungarian Grand Prix, but his relationship with double world champion Alonso hit an all time low when the Spaniard was relegated five places on the grid after stewards decided he had prevented Hamilton from having a final run at pole position during qualifying.

With the relationship having already been somewhat strained, with Alonso having accused the team earlier in the season of favouring the rookie as a 'British driver in a British team', the latest incident has now led to a situation where Hamilton says Alonso isn't speaking to him and the Spaniard himself is refusing to commit himself to the McLaren squad beyond the end of the season.

All this, added to the on-going 'spy row', has somewhat overshadowed what has become one of the most hotly contested title races in recent seasons, and while Jordan admitted that the on track performances from Hamilton are 'magic', he warned the young Briton not to let things go too far in the inter-team battle that is currently raging.

"It's magic what's happening, but he has to be very careful he doesn't get too political," the Irishman told the BBC. "He has to be careful he doesn't say too much that ostracises him or puts him in a position where team boss Ron Dennis has to make a choice."

While the relationship between the two drivers continues to be strained, Jordan added that Hamilton needed to remember that some of his success is down to the impact Alonso has had since switching from Renault at the start of the season - with the duo having helped Ron Dennis and his team bounce back from a winless 2006 campaign.

"I believe McLaren is giving him [Hamilton] a car that's good enough because of what Alonso has brought to the team," he said. "So whether he likes to believe it or not, Hamilton has a benefit from Alonso being in the team. Alonso does feel ostracised. He feels all the team, initially anyway, was going for Hamilton. He was the big story.

"He's playing the media brilliantly, and driving like a champion - at this moment, you'd have to say Hamilton deserves to be world champion. He's done everything brilliantly; he just has to be careful."

Indeed, Jordan isn't the only person to have warned Hamilton and the McLaren team about the current situation, with former champion Nigel Mansell having stated that the disagreements between Hamilton and Alonso should have remained private - and that the FIA and race stewards shouldn't have got involved in what is a McLaren team matter.

"It's something for the team to deal with," the 1992 champion told BBC Sport. "It's not something for the public to be part of. It's no different to what happened years ago but it's publicised more.

"I just feel some of the things that are happening and the way certain things are being managed would have been managed far differently a few years ago and it is a great shame.

"The thing I find extraordinary is that the powers that be are intervening. It's between two drivers from the same team and it shouldn't affect anyone else. If they want to cause problems between themselves, then it's surely up to them."



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