Having already seen its general manager Yu Zhifei removed from his post due to a corruption scandal, the Shanghai International Circuit is facing further problems after a storm at the home of the Chinese Grand Prix left damage that may not be repaired in time for the race in October.

The storm, which occurred on Friday, saw four stands come down and also damaged guard rails on others, with the real possibility that the necessary repairs won't be completed before the race.

"We may not repair the damaged stands this year as dismantling the seats, clearing debris and rebuilding work all require time," the Shanghai Daily quoted Wang Ying, deputy general manager of Shanghai Circuit, as saying. "Even if we finish before the Chinese Grand Prix, we may still be short of time to carry out safety tests on the repair work."

Having denied it used light-weight alloys not strong enough to withstand strong winds in the construction of the stands, the 'paper added that Shanghai Circuit has stated that delays in repair work will not affect the race and the company wouldn't raise ticket prices.

Fans who had already purchased tickets for the damaged stands will now be offered seats in other areas of the circuit - although the reports failed to state just how many seats have been affected by the incident.



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