Mika Hakkinen says he believes that the current ill-feeling between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton is an indicator that the Spaniard is feeling the heat from his young British team-mate.

Hakkinen, who secured back-to-back titles in 1998 and 1999 and is the last driver to take the F1 crown while driving for McLaren, admitted that Alonso seems to be struggling to come to terms with the fact that he isn't the undisputed number one in the team, despite being a two-time champion.

Indeed, Hamilton has shown himself to be more than match for Alonso this season and currently leads the Spaniard by seven points in the standings, showing a level of competitiveness that Alonso wouldn't have expected from an F1 rookie.

"Alonso can't accept such strong competition from a novice," Hakkinen is quoted by BBC Sport. "Hamilton has already caused him a number of worries, something that Fernando is struggling to accept."

The dispute, which has now reached the stage where the two drivers are reportedly not talking to each other, won't be the first time that team boss Ron Dennis has had to deal with warring team-mate within his camp, but Hakkinen added that he was the best person to deal with any problems.

"For Ron the situation is troublesome," the Finn continued, "but he is absolutely the right person to be able to deal with it."



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