The McLaren team has denied claims made following the Hungarian Grand Prix that Lewis Hamilton and team boss Ron Dennis used the 'F word' in a radio argument after the qualifying debacle that saw the Briton held in pit lane by team-mate Fernando Alonso.

Hamilton was forced to wait behind Alonso's stationary car late in the final part of qualifying when the Spaniard didn't leave the pits when the lollypop was raised, with the result that the points leader was unable to set a final qualifying time and had to settle for second on the grid.

Although Hamilton would later be given pole when Alonso was given a five place grid penalty, the Briton was reported to have become embroiled in a heated argument with Dennis in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

Indeed, both the News of the World and the Sunday Times provided their readers with some interesting comments on Sunday morning, with the two British papers reporting that Hamilton had told Dennis 'Don't ever f****** do that to me again' before being told 'Don't ever f****** speak to me like that' by his angry boss - a response that allegedly led to Hamilton telling his long-time mentor to 'Go f****** swivel'.

However, while emotions were undoubtedly running high at the time, the team insists that the 'F word' wasn't used 'at any time' during radio conversations between the two, with the team having launched investigations into the claims following the weekend.

"Over the last few days there has been some inaccurate and misleading reporting of certain events which transpired during the qualification for the Hungarian Grand Prix," a team statement read. "Whilst the team would normally not comment on such speculation, Lewis has asked us to correct one important matter of untrue critical commentary.

"It has been reported that Lewis used the 'F word' to Ron Dennis over the team radio immediately after the qualification session had been completed. The team have investigated this claim and reviewed the radio transmissions and we can categorically confirm that Lewis did not use the 'F word' at any time during any conversation with the team.

"The team and Lewis are extremely disappointed that the use of the 'F word' appears to have been invented and repeated to the media."