Ferrari's Felipe Massa has confirmed that Michael Schumacher will come out of retirement later on this year and compete in Brazil - although it won't be in the Brazilian Grand Prix, rather in a 'sort of race of champions' go-kart event.

Speaking about the event, which is due to take place in November, around a month after the current Formula 1 season ends at Interlagos and his role, Massa added that he is enjoying the challenge of organising it, especially as it is a bit of a distraction from Formula 1 and the 'worst race of his whole career' in Hungary [see separate story].

"At the moment, I am working on the organisation side of the big go kart event we hold here at the end of November: it's a sort of race of champions, when lots of F1 drivers come and take part and this year, even Michael Schumacher is going to come over and join us, which I am very pleased about," he explained in his latest blog.

"It is giving me a change of focus at the moment and helping me to relax," he summed-up.



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