Mike Gascoyne has played down the effect of the highly anticipated B-specification Spyker F8-VII that will appear in Turkey, the technical director admitting they could still qualify on the back row.

Much has been made of the heavily revised car, the first to be crafted from the hand of the former Jordan, Renault and Toyota-designer, but while it is expected to be step forward for the perennial back markers, Gascoyne remains unsure of the effect it will have.

Although he agrees that it will be significantly quicker than the current car, he is not predicting it will be among the mid-fielders straight away and even speculated that they could still be planted on the final row of the grid.

Nonetheless, Gascoyne is remaining phlegmatic about the current situation and has urged fans to expect more from the team in 2008 instead.

"If you could just suddenly chuck a car into the midfield, then everybody would be doing it," he told the official Spyker website. "It's not that easy. We are trying to downplay expectations slightly, but it is a reasonable step forward aerodynamically. And mechanically at the rear we think it's going to bring us something, but that's very difficult to quantify. It's a step forward, but only a small one, and we may well still qualify on the back row. But this time next year judge us by where we are."

Still, having made a breakthrough in Hungary when Adrian Sutil out raced and beat the Honda of Rubens Barrichello, Gascoyne is pleased with the Dutch team's progress through the year. Even so, he admits qualifying is still a bane for them.

"I do think we have to question slightly our qualifying pace. In the last couple of races we don't think we have qualified as well as we should have done, and I think our race pace shows that. In Hungary we were out-qualified by both Hondas by a second a lap, but we can beat them over a race distance.

"You ought to be able to get more out of it, so we've got to work on qualifying. But Sakon was having his first race this year, and he had never driven a Spyker. And I think people forget that Adrian is still a rookie and he hasn't driven at any of these circuits, he's still learning. But he learned a lot from this race."



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