Former McLaren team co-ordinator Jo Ramirez has told Fernando Alonso he will need to accept that there is no number one within the Woking-based team.

Alonso joined the team at the start of the season but, unlike at Renault in the past, has found himself racing with a team-mate who is given equal status - with rookie Lewis Hamilton currently leading the Spaniard in the title race.

Ramirez said the relationship between the two was similar to that seen between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, who clashed a number of times while running as team-mates, and urged the Spaniard to work more with Hamilton and win over the McLaren squad.

"With each passing race it is more and more like that," he was quoted by the Spanish AS newspaper. "Fernando is struggling to accept that McLaren is not like Ferrari where preference is given to one of the drivers.

"I have told him that he must learn to co-exist with his team-mate and win over the team. At the races I have gone to I see him in his own corner with his father and his friends -- they are not trying to co-exist at all."

Ramirez added that he hoped Alonso didn't elect to walk away from the team at the end of the season - as has been rumoured - with the Spaniard likely to have his best chance of success by staying exactly where he is. Not that McLaren would have any intention of letting Alonso go anyway...

"If I was Alonso I would stay where I am because McLaren has the best car and probably still will have next year," he said. "[Also] If you release a driver from a contract you are effectively handing him to your competitors.

"It is a difficult one. For example if Fernando goes to BMW, it is very possible that next year they could become a real threat and another rival for McLaren. At the end of the year [Ron] Dennis will have to weigh up the situation and decide."



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