Michael Schumacher's manager has suggested that Fernando Alonso sit back and reconsider his threat to leave McLaren - either during or at the end of the season.

Speaking to Bild am Sonntag, Weber claimed that Alonso would be foolish to follow through with his ultimatum to the team, having apparently told the Woking operation to back either himself or Lewis Hamilton for the remainder of the season, rather than persisting with its equal treatment policy.

"Alonso should think carefully about what is really important," Weber said, "He has twice become world champion, and that is a big thing. Therefore, he should sit down with McLaren and sort out this thing with Hamilton."

The renowned driver manager admitted that he is surprised by the way that Alonso has reacted to the situation at McLaren, and the pressure that Hamilton's first year performance has placed upon him.

"I do not understand how Alonso behaves," Weber mused, "He has not usually resorted to these kind of tricks. I always thought of him as retaining his coolness but, instead, he is making it into a Spanish bullfight and does things without appearing to think about them. In doing so, his public credibility suffers - and that is the worst thing he can do.

"He needs to show what made him Michael's successor as title holder. He must proceed with pride, get the team on side and not hide himself away. A change of team would be absolute feeble-mindedness."



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