The Spyker F1 team has confirmed that it has had to delay the launch of its new B-spec car after it failed the rear impact test.

The Silverstone-based outfit will now have to contest this weekend's Turkish Grand Prix with the two 'A' spec cars and the new machine will now - hopefully, make its debut at Monza next month, when the Italian Grand Prix takes place on September 9.

Speaking following the news, Spyker F1 chief technical officer, Mike Gascoyne added that he is 'confident' though that all will be OK for Monza.

"It's obviously very disappointing to delay the launch, especially considering the hard work that everyone at the factory and track has put in. Unfortunately last week we had an unexpected failure of the rear crash test, possibly due to problems with a batch of material used," he explained.

"Unfortunately all the other structures available we had to test were from this batch and the modifications we tried to make were not sufficient. These tests are quite rightly very stringent and difficult to pass, but we did not expect to have a problem as the structure is very similar to the A spec one.

"We are confident that we understand the problem however and should be able to pass with no problems next week.

"We will now concentrate on doing the best we can this weekend. As we were aware we had a problem we brought two A spec cars as well as two B spec cars, so we will not have any problems switching back, but it's just disappointing not to have the performance increase as planned.

"On a more positive note, we will now be able to test the car at the pre-Italian Grand Prix test next week at Monza, which should allow us to be in better shape," he summed-up.



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