Ron Dennis has reiterated his insistence that the feud between Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso has been resolved and that they are both focused on delivering McLaren this year's world title.

Rumours of their strained relationship have been grabbing headlines around the world after their controversial clash, and subsequent penalties, during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

However, following a three-week break to consider matters and a meeting between the drivers and team bosses ahead of this weekend's Turkish Grand Prix, Dennis ensures that both drivers are communicating with one another and are working together to stave off the threat of Ferrari.

"We run our team in a certain way and we expect from every member of the team certain behaviour," he told Reuters. "They subsequently spoke, have an understanding between themselves, and they are completely communicating. Neither has a problem with the other."

"The way we always start our discussions like this is to acknowledge our shortcomings as a team, to perhaps even demonstrate the fact we do make mistakes. In such a complex sport with so many people it's inevitable you make mistakes but we think we recover well from those and they (the drivers) accept they are human too."

Dennis does admit though that he doesn't want to see a repeat of the skirmish that saw them punished by not being allowed to score constructor points in Hungary, something that he claims the drivers are determined to avoid also.

"The important thing is everybody recognised what their contribution was to the difficult circumstances we had after Hungary and were committed not to allow those things to repeat themselves in the future races. Clearly they are very competitive individuals and we believe that for the balance of the season that competitiveness will stay on the circuit. That's our objective," said Dennis.

"From the team perspective we will rigidly stick to equality. Sometimes it's difficult to achieve. We have a very focused effort on the remaining grands prix, and as and if, and we hope it's if, any situations develop then we will handle those as they develop. But at the moment we are focused and pointing in one direction."



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